BD Present

October 26, 2010


Wow it’s been a long time huh? Meh, this Blog is the most neglected one I have (Hope there’s a change in the future).

I wanted to show you this pic I did for my cousin as her BD Present. It’s supposed to be (from left to right) Hiruma Youichi (From ES21), my cousin Ana (she turned 14) and Me >3< and we’re taking a pic to celebrate the ocassion.

Hope you guys like it! I enjoyed drawing it very very much ^v^

Chava Retro

May 2, 2009
Well, this is a little something I did ´cause my cousin just wouldn´t stop whining about how she wanted me to use my tablet… I kinda liked it in the end. Just a fast drawing with little detail
Chava Retro

Artist Block

April 21, 2009


I haven´t posted in a while… but I have a great excuse! ARTIST BLOCK SUCKS!
I decided to make myself useful and post something about it


Artist Block

New Hosts

April 3, 2009


Hi! Today I´want to show you this little comic I made. I´ve always wanted Host for my blogs hehe ^^
New Host
Emmmm…. It seems like Mija was a little busy texting her band members… some kind of emergency. And Dominic, well, he is always like that… probably sleeping somewhere (*cough* lazy bastard *cough*). But don´t worry! I promise you they´ll be here next time, even if I have to force them, which I´ll probably have to do anyways…. Thanks a lot!!!

Hiruma is a Daddy

March 26, 2009
Hello again! Today I´m posting this drawing I made last week. My favorite manga character is Hiruma Youichi  from Eyeshield 21, and I though: How would Hiruma´s son be like? And well, now you see.
I hope you like it. Keep waiting for more!

Youichi Dad

Hello People!!

January 23, 2009
Hello people! Welcome to Kyoudaiai! This is my first post in my brand new blog and I´m really excited! And just so you know, this blog will be dedicated to comic art and manga mainly, so I hope you enjoy this kind of stuff because…. well, you´ll get bored if not, obviously duh.
I´ll post all the drawings and comics made by me, hoping that people out there enjoy them. I love drawing, and I love designing characters (specially manga ones *cough cough*).
So people! Thanks for taking your time to check out my humble blog, I hope you have fun and find it interesting and entertaining. Enjoy your reading!
Comics rule! Animation rules! Yeah!
Your host, Chibimanager
P.D. Oh! And just in case you are wondering, the 3 characters in the header are brothers, that´s why the tittle is Kyoudaiai (brotherly love). From left to right: Jamie, Kai and May. I´ll introduce them to you on my next posts. Thanks! Peace and Love! ^^